Dr. Robert D. Tatoian offers effective foot-care solutions for people from all walks of life...
...Including yours.

Regain your life. When your feet hurt, when your shoes don’t fit properly and when every step has the powerful effect of changing your attitude about everything, it’s time to see Dr. Robert Tatoian of Bay State Family Podiatry, one of the few board-certified podiatrists in the area.

Quality credentials. Dr. Tatoian has years of experience treating virtually every foot condition imaginable, from corns and calluses to surgical procedures used to correct the most severe conditions. But don’t let Dr. Tatoian’s surgical expertise convince you that surgery is in your future. Each and every patient he sees is always provided a nonsurgical solution to their foot pain as his first recommendation.

A care team who really cares. Our staff believes that your time is valuable. So when you arrive, you’ll usually wait only moments before your visit begins. Our appreciation of your time always works in your favor – when you see Dr. Tatoian, you’ll never be rushed. He will take the necessary time to answer your questions in language you can understand. And here, you are assured of seeing him each time you visit. The time has come for you to experience a new level of foot care.